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Index of articles on ownership culture (includes organizational psychology, rights and responsibilities, motivation, cynicism, and more)

The Ownership Culture Survey™


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Ownership Culture Training: How It Works

Contents of this section:


Core Content

Optional Modules

How It Works

Case Study

Getting Started

Length of Training Session

The training sessions generally last a half-day when Rights and Responsibilities Groups™ training is included, and between 45 and 120 minutes otherwise.

Target Audience

Ownership Culture Training is intended for use by the entire workforce at a company, including non-managers, middle-managers and senior managers. We recommend that a group of company leaders extending beyond the senior management group be involved in previewing and customizing the training. Ownership Culture Training can also be used with a mixed audience, such as work shops, conferences, or executive retreats.

Lead Time

The amount of time required to design Ownership Culture Training for your company will depend on the extent of customization you request. A generic version of the training requires essentially no lead time, while extensive customization may require 4 to 6 weeks. When the survey is integrated into the training, lead time is required for training customization, survey design, survey administration, and analysis.


We recommend joint delivery by an OA staff person and a trainer from inside your company, often from Human Resources or senior management. The training can also be implemented solely by Ownership Associates, and we can also train your internal professionals to deliver the training independently (train-the-trainer).

Package Contents

Every Ownership Culture Training package includes:

  • a complete, easy-to-use Trainers Manual, including
    • scripts,
    • sample flip chart pages,
    • optional activities and introductions,
    • directions and tips for running a successful presentation, and
    • extensive background information.
  • overhead or PowerPoint slides,
  • a trainer preparation checklist,
  • photo-ready participant handouts,
  • instructions for the Rights and Responsibilities Groups™ training and discussion, and
  • an explanation of ownership culture.

Case Study

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