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Index of articles on ownership culture (includes organizational psychology, rights and responsibilities, motivation, cynicism, and more)

The Ownership Culture Survey™


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Ownership Culture Training: Core Content

Contents of this section:


Core Content

Optional Modules

How It Works

Case Study

Getting Started

The core Ownership Culture Training, Building an Ownership Culture, covers three main topics, although a number of additional training modules may be integrated as well.

1. Defining Ownership

Defining Ownership introduces a values-based vocabulary for employees to use in talking about ownership culture. This presentation centers on the key ownership concepts: rights and responsibilities, risks and rewards, and the importance of balance.

2. PerceivingOwnership

This section describes the development of ownership perceptions from rights-only and responsibilities-only views to more balanced, advanced understandings. It addresses employee skepticism about ownership and common perceptions about the differences between management and non-management ideas about ownership.

Participants learn about six common cultural imbalances -- the potholes on the road to healthy balanced ownership culture. The emphasis is on the necessary link between rights and responsibilities, and between risks and rewards.

3. Rights & Responsibilities Group™ (Optional)

The R&R Group™ activity is an experience-based learning event and begins with a role-play of a realistic scenario in a fictional employee owned company. The role play script highlights ownership issues relevant to your company and encourages employees to understand other people’s perspectives on ownership. The role-play is followed by structured small group and large group discussions.

Through this activity, participants apply new concepts to a realistic situation, and deepen their understandings of ownership issues through discussion. The discussion concludes by making connections between the hypothetical case issues and your company. Some companies choose not to include Rights and Responsibilities Groups™ in initial training.

Optional Modules

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