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Index of articles on ownership culture (includes organizational psychology, rights and responsibilities, motivation, cynicism, and more)

The Ownership Culture Survey™


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Ownership Culture Training: Getting Started

Contents of this section:


Core Content

Optional Modules

How It Works

Case Study

Getting Started

Ownership Associates will prepare a no-obligation proposal, based on some basic facts about your company:

  • total number of employees
  • number of employees to be trained
  • number of locations
  • desired number of employees per session (if known)
  • additional training modules (if known)
  • whether you prefer direct training by Ownership Associates or "train-the-trainer" (if known)

Contact us with the above information to receive a proposal.

Our proposals include the scope of services, customization options and the pricing implications of various configurations. The proposal packet will also include more information about the training content.

After you have reviewed the proposal, we can refine the scope of services to best meet your company’s needs. Specifically, we will work with you to determine:

  • the content, including any optional modules
  • format (direct or train-the-trainer)
  • number of sessions
  • whether managers / supervisors will have a special preview session (recommended)

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