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42 E.S.O.P. Ideas will get your brain jumping and buzzing with ways to celebrate ownership.

The ESOP Game gives you a head-start on keeping ESOP training fun and engaging.


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Online Resources: Downloads / Products

Go to the download / products section of the Ownership Associates web store

Ownership Associates offers a variety of products to add information and images to your presentations and to keep you informed on key issues in employee-ownership.

These products are in three categories:

  • Briefing Papers, each one a quick overview of the key facts on a specific issue related to employee ownership
  • Slides and Images feature Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
In addition, we offer several publications for sale: You may also want to explore our ready-to-use survey items, or our interactive e-learning tutorials.

Online purchase of downloadable files from the Ownership Associates WebStore constitutes agreement with the license agreement.

WebStore: Downloads / Products

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