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40 E.S.O.P. Ideas will get your brain jumping and buzzing with ways to celebrate and educate about ownership.


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The ESOP Game

Everything you need to run a fun, fast-paced, educational game.
Published by Ownership Associates
Cambridge, MA
Current Release: May, 2004.

Buy it now!
front page of game

Come on Down!

How can you teach some ESOP basics...
and still keep the crowd entertained?

Play the ESOP Game!

The ESOP Game is easy to customize, fast-paced, fun and educational.

The Game comes complete with:

  • detailed, step-by-step instructions for customizing and running the game
  • beginning-to-end presentation materials
  • electronic "shareboard" for keeping score
  • printable take-home "cheat sheet" of answers for participants

The ESOP Game is available for $45.00 exclusively from the Ownership Associates WebStore.

You provide the players and the prizes, we provide the rest!

Online purchase of downloadable files from the Ownership Associates WebStore constitutes agreement with the license agreement.

WebStore: Downloads / Products

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