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Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook


Table of Contents

Excerpt 1: "Outcomes"

Excerpt 2: "Step 1"

Client Comments

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Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook
Mapping Decision-Making Responsibility

A step-by-step guide to clarifying who does what at employee-ownership companies
Published by Ownership Associates
Cambridge, MA
Current Release: November 18, 2003.

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cover page of book

When you talk about employee ownership...

...employees begin re-thinking their expectations about decision-making roles and responsibilities. Employee-ownership companies have a special need for clarity about who does what--regardless of how much employee involvement company leaders want.

This Handbook highlights relevant research and principles of efficient decision-making systems, but its focus is a hands-on method to clarify and communicate a company’s decision-making system, and to ensure support from all parts of the work force.

Companies intending to adopt participative management will find tools in this Handbook to establish a solid foundation. Other companies use this Handbook primarily as a way to build an organization-wide understanding of their current decision-making system.

The Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook is available for $200.00 exclusively from Ownership Associates, in the WebStore or by contacting us directly.

The Handbook includes:

  • a step-by-step process to customize Decision Charts for your own company
  • proven methods to maximize buy-in by middle managers and the work force
  • sample agendas for manager and workforce meetings
  • highlights of relevant research
  • principles of efficient decision-making systems
  • and more! Visit the links below for more information.

Links for More Information

See the Table of Contents or read actual excerpts:

From Chapter 3: "Outcomes of Using this Handbook"
From Chapter 5: "Recommended Step-by-Step Guidelines"

We invite you to read feedback about the Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook from clients.

Finally, click for purchase information and for related free and fee-based resources available from Ownership Associates.

This Handbook is part of Frontiers and Boundaries, a set of tools, training and templates designed to help employee-ownership companies manage the process of involving people in decision making.

Online purchase of the Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook from the Ownership Associates WebStore constitutes agreement with the Frontiers and Boundaries license agreement.

Online Resources: Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook

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