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All of the products and services provided by Ownership Associates are listed below. Click on a name for more information.

Building an Ownership Culture: a flexible toolkit of training modules and interactive exercises to explore and expand people's concepts of what it means to be an employee-owner

Frontiers and Boundaries: Managing Ownership Expectations: A set of tools, training programs and templates designed to help employee-ownership companies manage the process of involving people in decision-making.

Decision Zone Charts (Also known as "Influence Allocation Charts")

Decision Making Grids

The Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook: A step-by-step guideline to creating Zone Charts for your company

The Ownership Culture Survey: the only commercially-available employee-attitude survey for employee-ownership companies. A proposal for the full survey is available by contacting OA, and a limited number of survey items are available online in ready-to-use format.

Ownership Facts: training programs on the "nuts and bolts" of being an employee-owner

Training modules: short "building block" training modules from Building an Ownership Culture, Ownership Facts, and Frontiers and Boundaries

Briefing Papers: one-page highlights of best practices and current research on employee-ownership (free and for purchase)

Slides and Images: professionally designed images and speaker notes to enhance your ability to communicate about employee ownership in presentations, newsletters, bulletin boards and other media are available online.

42 E.S.O.P. Ideas for ESOP Month: a book of activities designed to build enthusiasm and increase understanding about employee-ownership

The ESOP Game gives you everything you need to run a fun, educational game as part of an ESOP training.

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