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Ownership Associates designs training programs to teach employees at all levels of a company what they need to know about the nuts and bolts of their ownership plans.

The training content of our ESOP training curriculum, for example, includes participation, vesting, allocation, and distribution. Excerpts are available online.

Similar curricula are available for coops, stock option companies, stock purchase plans, and advanced ESOP issues. Other modules allow companies to integrate training about a wide variety of issues: employee committees, ownership landscape, capsule history, legal rights of employee-owners, research highlights, etc.

Training can be at a basic or advanced level -- our programs are generally designed to last 45 to 90 minutes, although we deliver programs as short as a 10-minute introduction and as in depth as a series of workshops appropriate for managers and members of employee committees. Ownership Facts Training can be delivered directly by Ownership Associates, by your internal trainers, or jointly.

The material in the training may also be adapted for a variety of other uses, including handouts, intranets, bulletin-board postings, newsletter articles, etc. (See Communication Support.)

Getting started is easy. Ownership Associates will provide you with a no-obligation proposal showing exactly how the training will work and offering a firm price.


Training Content