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Employee-ownership represents a major change in the way employees understand their jobs, their companies, and, often, themselves. Ownership Culture Training seeks to encourage employee-owners to make a mental "paradigm shift" so they think and act like owners.

Building an Ownership Culture

The centerpiece of Ownership Culture Training is a curriculum titled Building an Ownership Culture, which was developed in 1989 and has been used by companies across the United States and in Europe, including United Airlines, Reflexite Corporation, and Carris Corporation.

The training draws on proven adult-learning methods and a comprehensive model of ownership psychology to provide a common vocabulary about the rights and responsibilities of employee ownership. It reinforces the idea that rights and responsibilities must be in balance: along with every new right comes a new responsibility.

Building an Ownership Culture training is adaptable to a variety of needs, including...

  • successful companies who want to take ownership to the "next level"
  • companies wanting to rekindle the initial enthusiasm about employee ownership
  • new employee-ownership companies seeking to build a strong foundation for ownership behavior
  • companies with concerns about employee cynicism

Other Tools

Ownership Associates training modules dealing with issues such as ESOP history, employee committees, legal rights, and research highlights can be integrated along with the core content of Building an Ownership Culture.

The Ownership Culture Survey (OCS) uses the same framework of rights and responsibilities: data from the OCS can be integrated seemlessly into Building an Ownership Culture training, allowing participants to understand the link between rights and responsibilities, then to see how strong that link is at their own company.

Core Content