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About Us: Case Studies

There are currently two case studies available on this website.

Carris Reels

Carris Reels, often known by its broader corporate name of the Carris Community of Companies, is one of the nation's most innovative ESOP companies. The case study discusses many of the best practices adopted by Carris, with a special focus on participation and decision making. Carris used other Ownership Associates services, including the Ownership Culture Survey™ and ownership culture training. More information about Carris Reels is also available in a recent article.

Click here for the Carris Reels case study.


Hypertherm, Inc., based in Hanover, NH, recently placed 12 on Fortune Magazine's list of best companies to work for in the United States. The case study focuses on their workshop introducing their ESOP to employees, which was based on Ownership Associates' Ownership Facts Training.

Click here for the Hypertherm case study.

More case studies will be available in the near future.


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