OA Services: Communication Support

Public Speaking

Ownership Associates staff are popular speakers at company events and conferences. Ownership Associates can take responsibility for the entire event or simply provide a featured speaker -- we will provide a unique combination of outside expertise, concrete examples, and presentations designed to inspire, educate, and focus the workforce on success.

Our most popular presentations include: ESOP Basics, Ownership Risk / Ownership Reward, The Employee-Ownership Landscape, What Does It Mean To Be an Employee-Owner?, Introduction to Participative Decision Making, and The Rights and Responsibilities of Employee-Owners.

Ownership Associates also speaks at event targeted to a subset of the workforce, such as senior management retreats, workshops for middle managers and supervisors, and employee committees.

Whether your next event is a shareholders meeting, a company celebration, a state-of-the-company event or a kickoff for a new ownership plan, Ownership Associates gives you an inspiring professional speaker with the knowledge to address a wide range of topics and the ability to tailor the presentation to diverse audiences and styles.

Ongoing Support

Ownership Associates also makes our experience available "behind the scenes" to support managers, trainers, ESOP committees, and other working to promote ownership cultures.

Our general communications support is available on an as-needed basis, on topics including:

  • executive coaching concerning the implementation of an ownership culture, including private one-on-one consultation and attendance at small group management meetings,
  • drafting and editing original documents for use in the communication program,
  • preparing overheads and other images for use in ESOP communication,
  • background materials about ESOPs, including text, facts, and graphics for presentations, memos, bulletin boards, etc.,
  • customizing existing Ownership Associates materials for use at client companies,
  • telephone consultation as on-going issues arise,
  • drafting responses to employee questions about the ESOP or other ownership plan,
  • assistance in planning and conducting executive retreats that focus on the creation of an ownership culture,
  • providing articles for company newsletters, bulletin boards, etc, and
  • research about employee ownership.

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