OA Services Overview

Employee-ownership can take company performance to new levels by increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and building a company where each person thinks like an entrepreneur.

But it won’t happen automatically.

Ownership Associates helps clients harness the power of employee ownership. We work with companies at all stages of the employee-ownership process, including their first introduction to ESOPs and the challenging discussions about the practical meaning of ownership in day-to-day work life. We help companies develop long-term strategies about education, communication, employee involvement, plan design, and measuring progress. We also serve as a strategic advisor to both sellers and employee groups interested in employee ownership.

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Ownership Facts Training: A flexible tool chest of “nuts and bolts” training agendas, text and graphics to answer frequent questions about employee stock ownership programs.

Ownership Culture Training: Help employees understand their new roles as employee-owners. This program addresses common misconceptions about ownership and speaks to the concerns of “ownership skeptics.” (See also Building an Ownership Culture.)

Participation and Decision Making: Clarify expectations about the scope and meaning of employee involvement in decision making. Companies may also use the tools in this curriculum to develop management systems that are inclusive, efficient, widely understood, and broadly supported. (See also Frontiers and Boundaries.)

Ownership Strategies: Ownership Associates can help facilitate an ownership transaction and avoid common implementation mistakes. Companies which are already employee-owned rely on our expertise to understand the issues they are facing now and to plan long-term development strategies.

Communication Support: From an initial announcement to ongoing communications, we can help ensure that you are presenting employee-ownership in a way that maximizes effect and minimizes confusion.

Ownership Culture Survey: The only employee-attitude survey designed specifically for employee-ownership companies. Measure the strength of your employees’ feelings in ten different areas of ownership culture, and benchmark against our database of employee-ownership companies.