Strategic Adviser

Ownership Associates serves as a strategic adviser to both sellers and employee groups interested in employee ownership.


Our expertise includes ESOPs(Employee Stock Ownership Plans), Cooperatives and Broad-Based Stock Options.

Christopher Mackin, Founder


We provide governance, training & organizational development services designed for employee owned firms.

Strategic Partner

Ownership Associates works in partnership with American Working Capital, LLC, a merchant bank based in Chicago and New York.

Services Overview


1. Ownership Facts

History of your legal structure – ESOPs/Cooperatives

Why your company became EO

The Mechanisms of EO

How to Understand the EO Financial Document

How Employees Profit when the Company does well

2. Ownership Skills

Understanding the Business

Understanding Financial Information

“Owning” the Strategic Plan

“Owning” the Budget

How Employee Behavior effects the bottom line

Who is the Competition and how do we Compete?

3. Ownership Values

Share the Origin Story – What motivated the founders to start the company?

Clarify the day to day meaning of Ownership

Enhance the sense of rights & responsibilities as well as the risks & rewards of ownership

Measure Progress using the NCEO Ownership Culture Survey (Click here)

Organizational Development

4. Participation Skills

Supervisor Training in Leadership Styles

Communication Skills

Group Problem Solving Strategies

Holding Effective Meetings

5. Organizational Architecture

Structures for Employee Involvement & Participation

Work Redesign

Frontiers and Boundaries:
Managing Ownership Expectations

6. Rewards & Compensation

Gain-sharing and profit-sharing

Performance based Bonus Plans

Other Stock Based Compensation

Employee Ownership Media

A lecture at the Harvard Law School Forum

Building Workplace Democracy: The Employee Equity Loan Act
 – Law and Democracy Lecture 1 – October 12, 2018 (53 min 26 sec)


Ownership Associates is a private consulting firm located in Cambridge, Massachusetts that serves as a strategic adviser to both sellers and employee groups interested in employee ownership. Our expertise includes ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), cooperatives and stock options.

Our consulting services include transaction design, corporate governance and extensive “after the transaction” services including organizational assessment, training on topics related to employee ownership and tools for participative decision-making.

Ownership Associates works with companies to introduce decision making structures that promote employee participation while preserving essential elements of company culture as founding owners exit from ownership. 

Contact us at (617) 868-4600 or email us to find how we can help.

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