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Frontiers and Boundaries: Managing Ownership Expectations is a set of tools and training curricula. Companies choose the mix of services that best meets their needs.

1. Basic Frontiers and Boundaries Training (Generic)

This training program introduces participants to the concepts of Frontiers and Boundaries, especially the Decision Zone Charts. It ranges from 30 minutes to two hours, and helps them understand and support realistic expectations of employee-ownership. A Facilitator's Manual is available that includes extensive notes, sample scripts, possible exercises, and customization options. This package includes complete overheads and handouts and can be adapted for a variety of audiences.

2. Basic Frontiers and Boundaries Training (Customized)

The customized version includes everything in the generic program, but will be customized by Ownership Associates for the specific conditions at the client company.

3. Frontiers and Boundaries Training for Managers

Training for managers and supervisors about their role in a participative company, building on the concepts of Basic Frontiers and Boundaries Training.

4. Frontiers and Boundaries Handbook: Mapping Decision Making Responsibility

This Handbook is a step-by-step guide to clarifying who does what at employee-ownership companies using Zone Charts. It is designed to help companies create transparency in their decision making systems and communicate the major features of those systems in a readily-understandable way.

5. Frontiers and Boundaries: Advanced Tools

The full version of Frontiers and Boundaries contains all the materials in 1 to 4 above, as well as everything a company needs to adapt and begin implementing the full set of participation tools, including Decision Zone Charts, Decision Grids and Decision Reports.

The services and training may be purchased as stand-alone products from Ownership Associates, but the impact of these tools is enhanced by having Ownership Associates assist with customization and delivery. Ownership Associates staff is available in person and/or via telephone consultation.

For more information about Frontiers and Boundaries, including additional free background materials and a no-obligation proposal, contact Ownership Associates.

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