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Ownership Facts Training: Training Content

Contents of this section:


Training Content


How It Works

Case Study

Getting Started

Using Modules

ESOP Modules

This overview of the training available from Ownership Associates is specific to companies with ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans). Similar curricula are available for companies with other forms of broad-based equity ownership plans, including stock options, stock purchase plans, cooperatives, partnerships, and direct ownership.

Companies select the combination of modules below that best meets their needs. Modules may be combined to create a single training session or a series of training sessions. Additional modules are available for companiesí internal trainers. (See How It Works.)

1. Basic ESOP Mechanics (Core Content)

  • The Basics: participation, allocation, vesting, distribution
  • Time Lines / Flow Charts
  • Valuation
  • Optional: The ESOP Transaction
  • Optional: Taxation
  • Optional: Diversification
  • Optional: Voting

2. Our ESOP (Recommended)

  • Why an ESOP? The Sellerís Perspective
  • Ownership Pie Charts
  • Reading Your Account Statement

3. The Ownership Incentive (Optional)

4. The ESOP Landscape (Recommended)

  • Capsule History of ESOPs
  • ESOPs in the United States
  • Research Highlights (corporate performance and survival, average retirement assets of ESOP participants, etc.)

5. ESOPs and the Law

  • Federal Oversight (Recommended)
  • Legal Rights of ESOP Participants (Recommended)
  • ESOPs and Company Ownership
  • The Role of the ESOP Trust

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. Other Options







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