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Announcing the sale of the OCS to the NCEO. The National Center for Employee Ownership is now the sole source for the OCS. Click here to learn more.

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Free articles on Ownership Culture and on Using Surveys.


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Survey Support Center

This page provides resources intended for companies purchasing items from the Ownership Culture Survey™ through the survey questions section of the Ownership Associates web store. Some of these resources will apply to companies creating their own internal surveys as well.

The OCS Handbook [284 KB, PDF file] is the most comprehensive resource for companies considering the complete Ownership Culture Survey™. It may be useful for companies using another survey or the individual OCS items available on the web. It is a 36-page free reference booklet. Its contents include:

  1. Overview of the OCS
  2. Core Survey Items
  3. Customizing the Survey
  4. Administering the Survey
  5. Follow-Up
  6. Library of Ready-to-Use Survey Items
  7. Company-Specific Items

For companies purchasing one or more of the OCS items from the OA web store, see the OCS Mini-Survey Instructions [131 KB, PDF file], a three-page document that covers all the essentials to make your survey experience a positive one. It covers topics such as: "determing who should take the survey," "administering the survey," and "collecting and processing the data."

To facilitate making a mini-survey with OCS items from the OA web store, we offer a free template in Microsoft Word format. To save this file to your computer, right-click here, then choose "save target as." After downloading the file, companies may insert the specific survey items they are using, and mass produce it for distribution to the work force.

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