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Briefing Papers

Some Briefing Papers are free; others cost $15.00. Go to the Briefing Papers section of the Ownership Associates web store.

Ownership Associates keeps track of issues in the employee-ownership community and periodically produces briefing papers that capture key insights. Briefing Paper 9 (released June 30, 2004) outlines public perception of employee ownership.

Briefing Papers are generally one page, and are appropriate for use in planning meetings, presentations, bulletin boards, and other internal company applications.

Below are descriptions of the available Briefing Papers.

sample Briefing Paper Briefing Paper 1: Research Highlights -- The Performance of ESOP Companies reviews research evidence that shows that ESOP companies tend to out-perform non-ESOP companies, and participatory ESOP companies out-perform non-participatory and non-ESOP companies. Free download available!

Briefing Paper 2: Enron and Employee-Ownership provides talking points addressing the many legitimate questions employee-owners will have about risk and retirement following the Enron collapse. Free download available!

Briefing Paper 3: ESOP Committees -- Design Parameters offers a checklist of issues to resolve before setting up an ESOP committee for the committee to have maximum success contributing to the health of the company. Buy now!

Briefing Paper 4: What Can We Learn from United Airlines? provides talking points for discussing the United Airlines failure in terms of lessons learned for building a vibrant and effective ownership culture. Buy now!

Briefing Paper 5: ESOP "Kick-Off" Meeting presents a sample agenda for a kick-off meeting that answers employees' initial questions, defuses common fears, and manages employees' ownership expectations. Buy now!

Briefing Paper 6: ESOP Training for Middle Managers / Supervisors details an agenda for preparing managers to answer employee questions, sharing the vision statement with managers, clarifying the effect of ownership on management practices, and enhancing managers' group-process skills. Buy now!

Briefing Paper 7: ESOPs and Employee Wealth highlights the two studies on the effectiveness of ESOPs in creating wealth for ESOP participants. Free download available!

Briefing Paper 8: Does Company Size Affect Ownership Identity? examines data from the Ownership Culture Survey to determine whether large or small companies, on average, have stronger ownership cultures. Buy now!

Briefing Paper 9: Public Perception of Employee Ownership draws on several public opinion polls to outline the public's perception of employee ownership, employee owners, and employee-owned companies. Buy now!

Online purchase of downloadable files from the Ownership Associates WebStore constitutes agreement with the license agreement.

WebStore: Briefing Papers

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