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Announcing the sale of the OCS to the NCEO. The National Center for Employee Ownership is now the sole source for the OCS. Click here to learn more.

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Online Resources: Survey Item 6

OCS survey item 6 is "How important is ownership to you?"

To buy OCS survey items, go to the survey questions section of the Ownership Associates web store.

Respondents choose an answer between 1 ("not at all") and 10 ("very much").

Item serial number: 1040
Number of comparison companies for this item: 19
Item analysis category: Ownership Identity

When you purchase OCS items, you receive:

  • rights to use the item internally
  • comparison data from the OCS database
  • a ready-to-use results-chart generator
  • analysis (strength of results, statistical significance, degree of consensus, response rate)

OA offers a survey support center, with free resources to make sure your company's survey experience is as smooth and as useful as possible.

Other survey items available (click on an item for more details)

1. The company makes a sincere effort to share information with employees.
2. This company encourages people to participate in decisions that affect their day-to-day work.
3. Employees at OurCo have real influence over the direction of the company.
4. People recognize that the future value of their ESOP account depends on the success of the company. [Note: If your company has a different form of employee ownership, please contact Ownership Associates for no-charge customization.]
5. How much do you feel like an owner of this company?
6. How important is ownership to you?
7. I actively seek to understand what factors determine the company's bottom-line results.
8. I feel an obligation to challenge poor performance by my fellow employees.
9. I receive my fair share of company successes.

To buy OCS items, go to the survey questions of the Ownership Associates web store.

Survey Questions

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