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Announcing the sale of the OCS to the NCEO. The National Center for Employee Ownership is now the sole source for the OCS. Click here to learn more.

How does your company compare? Take our free online survey.

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Ownership Culture Survey:
Getting Started

Ownership Associates announces the November, 2005, sale of the Ownership Culture Survey™ to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The NCEO, a nonprofit organization serving employee-ownership companies since 1980, is now the sole source for the survey items. Companies interested in employee-ownership surveys should contact the NCEO or visit the survey resources page on the NCEO website.

To learn more about the Ownership Culture Survey and how it might be beneficial at your company, contact us for a no-obligation proposal. Let us know some basic facts about your company, including:

  • total number of employees
  • number of employees to be surveyed

"We found the OCS to be a very useful tool to determine how well we are doing in building an employee-owned culture. It was easy to administer, can be customized, and the results report is extremely comprehensive."

--Herb Gray, Human Resources Director, Cranston Print Works Company

We send you a customized proposal, describing customization options, the complete scope of work, and the pricing implications of different configuration options. The proposal packet will also include the list of survey items. You may also contact us to request a sample questionnaire.

If you would like to get started immediately, please complete the basic information form, which provides us all the information we need to begin customizing the questionnaire for your company.

For more information about the process of using the OCS, including customization option, administration techniques, demographic breakdowns, and our library of optional survey items, see the OCS Handbook (248 kb PDF file).

We also have a background document available with technical details about the statistical reliability and validity of the OCS. The OCS Technical Note is a 158 kb PDF file.

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