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Announcing the sale of the OCS to the NCEO. The National Center for Employee Ownership is now the sole source for the OCS. Click here to learn more.

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Sample Ownership Culture Profile

Ownership Associates Reference Document
Revised August 12, 2002

The results of the Ownership Culture Survey are published in a report titled the "Ownership Culture Profile."

Excerpts from several past clients are combined in this sample Ownership Culture Profile. The file has been divided into two parts.

Sample Ownership Culture Profile: Part 1

Part 1 contains two sections:

  • Executive Summary: An overview and highlight of key results from sample past clients.
  • Data Charts: Examples of the feedback charts created for each of the survey items.

Click here to view Part 1 (489 kb).

Sample Ownership Culture Profile: Part 2

Part 2 contains three sections:

  • Core Values: Interpretation of survey results on Decision Making, one of the ten content areas in the core set of OCS items.
  • Written Questions: Samples of the written feedback provided by employee-owners to the open-ended OCS questions.
  • Appendix: Background information about the content areas of the Ownership Culture Survey.

Click here to view Part 2 (463 kb).

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