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Announcing the sale of the OCS to the NCEO. The National Center for Employee Ownership is now the sole source for the OCS. Click here to learn more.

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Ownership Culture Survey:
Partial Client List

Ownership Associates announces the November, 2005, sale of the Ownership Culture Survey™ to the National Center for Employee Ownership.

The NCEO, a nonprofit organization serving employee-ownership companies since 1980, is now the sole source for the survey items. Companies interested in employee-ownership surveys should contact the NCEO or visit the survey resources page on the NCEO website.

Advanced Technological Solutions


Brooklyn, NY

225 employees

Alpha Beta Press, Inc.


Tinley Park, IL

90 employees

The Carris Community of Companies


Rutland, VT (Headquarters)

1,100 employees

Equal Exchange

coffee wholesale


under 30 employees

Fastener Industries


Berea, OH

181 employees

Hawaiian Airlines


Honolulu, HI

2,500 employees

Insurance Services Office (partial)

professional services

New York, NY

2,000 employees

J.C. Evans Construction Company


Austin, TX

800 employees

King Arthur Flour Company

food processing and retail

Norwich, VT

110 employees

Lakeland Paper


Sturgis, MI

50 - 100 employees



Temple, TX

100 - 200 employees


environmental and engineering consulting

Sumner, WA

255 employees

Stone Construction Equipment

equipment manufacturing

Honeoye, NY

200 employees

TVS & Associates

architecture and design

Atlanta, GA

200 - 300 employees

Web Industries

materials converting

Marlboro, MA

275 employees

The database for the latest revision of the survey represents companies with a combined work force of over 10,000 employees.

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