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Ownership Associates also publishes Briefing Papers.


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The Ownership Culture Reports

The Ownership Culture Reports are a series of brief and practical working papers on the subject of ownership culture, defined as an environment in which employees think and act like owners. The purpose of the Reports is to serve as a resource for decision-makers at employee-ownership companies. Specifically, this includes companies with ESOPs, companies with stock option, stock bonus or stock purchase plans, and partnerships.

Reports are provided as a no-fee service to the employee-ownership community. The Reports will be published twice a year by Ownership Associates, Inc., a consulting firm founded in 1987 with an exclusive focus on employee-ownership companies.

To add yourself to our distribution list and receive future issues of The Ownership Culture Reports at no charge, send complete contact information (your name, title, company, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and email address) to Ownership Associates. Please indicate if you prefer to receive the Reports by U.S. mail, fax, or email. Click here to send email, or visit the Contact Us page on this site.

Past issues available on the web include:

Trust and Ownership: Trust in Managers and Trust in Ownership, No. 1, May 8, 1998.
Download PDF file

Participation: Decision Making and Employee Ownership, No. 2, September 17, 1998.

Download PDF file

Ownership Cynics, No. 3, July 9, 1999.

Download PDF file

Ownership and Motivation: What Does Ownership Mean to Employees?, No. 4, January 17, 2001.

Download PDF file

The Ownership Culture Reports are available in PDF (Portable Document Format), an internet file format that preserves graphics and formatting. To view these files, you must use PDF reader software, which is available for free download from Adobe. You can download the PDF files from this page.


Here's what the experts are saying about The Ownership Culture Reports:

The Ownership Culture Reports provide in-depth coverage of an essential subject that is too often overlooked in the employee ownership arena. Written in a clear and informative style that combines intellectual firepower with practical experience, and original research with hard-hitting analysis. A useful and welcome resource. Jeff Gates, author of The Ownership Solution
A basic challenge facing employee-ownership companies is creating the conditions under which employees act like owners. The Ownership Culture Reports will give you insights into the overall process of building an ownership culture and concrete pointers about where to focus your training dollars, what factors make participation successful, and how to prioritize your organizational development efforts. Corey Rosen, Executive Director
National Center for Employee Ownership

There is a tendency toward simplification when we talk about organizational culture. The Ownership Culture Reports, however, situate the concept in a precise way, provide very valuable information, and are based on studied and proven [survey] methodology. Without a doubt, the Reports are of fundamental help for promoting culture change in employee-ownership companies. José Hernandez, Executive Director of the Association of Employee-Owned Corporations of the Basque Country (ASLE)
Concise, provocative and useful information on the unique challenges faced by managers of employee ownership companies. These timely and insightful reports will be a valuable resource for anyone with managerial and administrative responsibilities seeking to realize the maximum organizational benefit from an effective employee ownership program. David Binns, Associate Director
The Beyster Institute at the Rady School, UC San Diego

The effort to build a company of entrepreneurs takes managers through uncharted territory. The Ownership Culture Reports provide a wealth of information gathered from companies at various stages in this process, telling decision makers what has worked and what has failed. For tasks ranging from simple employee training to opening your company's book, the Reports will help you get the job done. John Case, Author, The Open-Book Experience
If this first issue is an indication of what's to come, I think The Ownership Culture Reports will be a very valuable learning tool for ESOP companies like Marland Mold. Brian Flynn, ESOP Committee member, Marland Mold, Inc.
The Reports offer important organizational insights in a concise format. Based on real data from real firms, its contents should be very useful for companies where employees are also shareholders. Iñaki Idiazabal, Director of Cooperative Development and Training, Otalora Training Center, Mondragón Cooperative Corporation
This series provides the "proof" that a participative, employee-engaged management approach can create performance gains. Particularly for those managers or companies who are skeptical or new to the concept, this material takes the softness out of high-involvement and replaces it with hard data and concrete strategies. Stephen C. Sheppard, CEO of Foldcraft Co.

Upcoming topics:

The next issue of the Ownership Culture Report will be "Information Sharing Systems and Employee Ownership."

Other future issues include:

  • Ownership Culture Data: Implications for Training Programs
  • Feeling Like an Owner: The Effects of Seniority, Organizational Level, and Degree of Ownership
  • Perceived Understanding of the Ownership Plan
  • Employee Ownership and Company Performance: The Academic Literature
  • The Role of Peer-to-Peer Dialogue in Culture Change
  • Open-Book Management and Employee Ownership
  • Perceptions of Fairness in Employee-Owned Companies
  • Measures of Consensus
  • Stages of Attitude Change in Employee-Owned Companies
  • Stock Options and ESOPs: Comparative Motivational Effects
  • Managing Expectations: The Balance Between Enthusiasm and Realism
  • Components of an Entrepreneurial Ethic

Online Resources: Articles & Publications

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