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Making an ESOP Work for You

Making an ESOP Work for You: CoverMaking an ESOP Work for You provides an overview of communications, organizational culture, and participation for employee ownership companies.

It is available at no charge in electronic format on this website, or in hardcopy by contacting Ownership Associates.

The booklet is available in two versions:

Version 1: Companies Considering an ESOP

Version 1 is for companies that are considering adopting an ESOP, and covers issues from before ESOP establishment through the first year.

View the introduction and table of contents online
access the fully-formatted PDF file.

Version 2: Companies with Existing ESOPs

Version 2 is for companies with an existing ESOP. It is designed for companies who think they could be getting more benefit from their ESOP, who want to rebuild enthusiasm, or who simply want an overview of a successful training or communications schedule.

View the introduction and table of contents online
access the fully-formatted PDF file.

Using on PDF files

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are fully-formatted, ready-to-print documents. You need to have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read PDF files. If you cannot view the PDF file, you can download and install the Acrobat Reader for free. Click here for a free downlaod and instructions.

Once you have the reader, you can view the document simply by clicking on the link or you can download the file to your computer.

To download the book to your computer, right-click on this link, then choose "Save Target As..."

Online Resources: Articles & Publications

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